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Risks on the Apron

Risk apron
Airport aprons are potentially hazardous places. Aircraft, vehicles and people are in constant motion in all types of weather, working under stressful conditions to comply with tight runway schedules.
Turnover among personnel is typically high, with training erratic and standard operating procedures often non-existent of ignored.
The result: risks on the apron

Airports and Airlines lose billions every year throught PBB accidents

accident airport
Poor execution of PBB docking maneuvers can have a huge impact on airports and airlines, both in terms of safety for passengers and personnel and through costs associated with damage to aircraft and expensive equipment.

  • Approximately 27.000 apron accidents and incidents occur every year, injuring 240.000 people.
  • 92% of apron damage to aircraft results from human error and organizational failures.
  • 80% of all accidents are caused by contact between airplanes and ground service equipment, most commonly with Passenger Boarding Bridges*.
  • *Source: International Air Transport Association (IATA)

    How do you train your Passenger Boarding Bridge operations staff?

    Training is key to prepare personnel for the responsibility of docking a PBB. Airlines and handling agents must ensure that aircraft handling personnel are properly trained, monitoring and auditing compliance with regulations and taking all necessary measures to foster a culture of safety. Personnel should also have the opportunity to re-train to keep practicing essential skills.
    Currently many airports use aircraft access mock-ups alongside real PBBs in order to train their staff. A costly and risky option:

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    Simulating the PBB docking experience

    Today, a smarter solution is available: APRONAUT is the world first software-based Passenger Boarding Bridge docking simulator:

    • Designed for a safe and comprehensive real-time training of new and experienced PBB operatiors, covering multiple docking situations.
    • Offers a rich multimedia and interactive experience, providing a virtual environment where an individual can make misktakes without consequences.
    • Allows operators-in-training to become confident and familiar with the apron environment, the docking and undocking of aircrafts and the necessary PBB’s operations protocol.
    • Custom made to conform to the specific airport where the simulators are used, including the taxiway configuration and for all types of aircraft in operation.

    A realistic Virtual apron environment

    The APRONAUT patented software contains elements to visualize the various types of aircrafts and the airport environment as well as the movements of the Passenger Boarding Bridge adapted to any type of situation.

    The software also keeps a historical back-up, enabling a trainer to access and manage all the results from the docking maneuvers made by an operator-in-training, compare this information with statistics and assess whether the trainees are able to obtain a Passenger Boarding Bridge Operator Certificate.
    A complete package, custom made

    A complete package, custom made

    APRONAUT consists of flat-screen or projector displaying the renderings of an aircraft and a Passenger Boarding Bridge cabin generated by the software, and a control & drive console which facilitates a simulation of real-time docking maneuvers.
    The control & drive console is tailor-made as a panel that integrates the various operating elements. This panel can be configured in shape and dimensions corresponding to the control panel of any Passenger Boarding Bridge at any airport in the world.
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